TIMOTHY J.  FOX, President

Tim has over 15 years of experience in commercial construction. Tim has worked his way up from supervisor to estimator to project manager, to Vice President to owner of the company.  He  brings with him fresh new ideas and growth in leading our company into the future.

Jared has over 12 years of experience in commercial construction, commencing as a supervisor and progressing to project manager overseeing the jobs in progress. His knowledge of each individual project and constant job site visits ensures us of better management of the jobs, and maintaining all aspects of safety and regulatory issues involved.

Dreama has over 33 years of experience in commercial construction , accounting and over 39 years in general administrative management.  Her Corporate management keeps us in line with city, county and State requirements, contractual obligations and all accounting functions. Among those duties Dreama is also a Certified Louisiana Notary.

Cory has been with our firm for three years as our chief estimator and has over 14 years of estimating experience and project management.  His estimating knowledge has been an asset to our firm.